Mushroom cultivation

Growing mushrooms requires art and passion… but also strict protocols!

The cultivation unit is located in Nea Redestos, Thessaloniki. It has been selected according to strict criteria, in order to create the ideal microclimate for the growth of mushrooms. In an area with lush vegetation and protected from pollution, the unit meets all the necessary specifications by having modern building and technological equipment.

All our spaces are of high sanitary importance. In the production chambers there are absolutely controlled conditions in terms of humidity, temperature, lighting, air flow. The water we use in the growing chambers – with which we create the appropriate humidity conditions – first passes through microbiological filters.

All workers before entering the chambers wear gloves, cover their hair with a net & disinfect their work uniforms with food grade materials. In addition, between production cycles, the chambers are cleaned and disinfected with food grade materials.

By respecting the fruiting conditions & creating the appropriate substrate – enriched with the best raw materials – we have managed to make our mushrooms have a longer shelf-life than the rest that are distributed in the Greek market.

Thanks to the strict protocols which we follow & the know-how we have acquired, we offer you guaranteed excellent quality King Oyster mushrooms with great taste!