Mushroom substrates

The mycelium grows inside the substrate and absorbs from it the nutrients it needs for the mushrooms to bear fruit. For the substrates of our King Oyster mushrooms, we choose the best organic raw materials & thus we have excellent quality mushrooms.

Thanks to the know-how we have developed the substrates we make produce mushrooms whose characteristics are very close to those we find in nature.

Our substrates contain:

  • Wood in the form of woodchips or shavings (mainly beech, oak, but also poplar)
  • Soy flour or bran which contain a high concentration of proteins & carbohydrates.
  • H₂O (water) to keep the humidity of the substrate from 55 to 65%.
  • CaCo3 (calcium carbonate) to regulate and maintain the pH of the substrate during the incubation and fruiting of the mycelium.

It is important to emphasize that the substrates are sterilized at high temperature and pressure, excluding the existence of any pathogenic microorganisms before adding the King Oysters seed. In addition, the air of the sowing-incubation chambers, where our substrates are located, passes through microbiological filters.