Dried King Oyster Mushrooms

Dried King Oyster Mushrooms… a king in your kitchen!

Dried mushrooms are the easiest way to give your dishes a pure mushroom taste – when you don’t have fresh ones in your fridge!

Dried King Oyster Mushrooms by Mushrooms’ Art are 100% greek. We grow them and then dry them in our urban farm in Thessaloniki. They have rich aroma & umami* taste.

They are more nutritious (rich in fiber & protein) and tastier than any canned, since they do not contain preservatives and have not been exposed to high temperatures that destroy their vitamins.


Instructions for use

Soak the dried King Oyster Mushrooms in hot water from the night before, to multiply their volume. We keep the flavor-packed water they soaked in, using it in our other recipes. #TastyTip Soak in wine or brandy for a stronger taste!

Alternatively, we use dried King Oyster Mushrooms as a spice. Grind in a food processor & with the powder created add flavor to soups, risotto, pasta sauces, vegetable stuffing, etc.


You can get the Dried King Oyster Mushrooms  here!

Let our dried King Oyster Mushrooms take you on a culinary journey!

Keep in a cool and dark place.

* It is derived from the Japanese words umai (うまい) which translates as “great” and mi (味), meaning “taste”. Essentially, it is the fifth taste.It was established by the Japanese chemist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda. It describes the taste after sour, sweet, bitter and salty. It has been associated with the essence of deliciousness, maximum enjoyment and fullness of taste.