Guided by our passion for quality, we grow premium gourmet King Oyster mushrooms!

After thorough research into the subject of higher fungal biology and lots of testing, we have selected the tastiest and highest quality strains for our King Oyster Mushrooms.

We produce our King Oyster Mushrooms at our urban farm in Nea Raidesto Thessaloniki, under completely controlled conditions. We ensure the premium quality of our mushrooms as:

  • We grow in areas of high sanitary importance
  • We have modern building & technological equipment
  • We enrich our substrates with the best raw materials
  • We carry out continuous quality checks

We guarantee you the tastiest & freshest King Oyster Mushrooms as it takes only a few hours from picking to eating.

We love mushrooms, that’s why we cultivate them with passion and art! 


*Our production unit operates with the minimum energy footprint, respecting the protection of the environment.