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What’s better than a kind of mushroom? Two kinds of mushroom, right? Wrong! Many kinds of mushrooms are the right answer, just like this soup, with a variety of mushrooms and grilled king oyster with thyme and garlic! The best for a soup for the festive table! Difficulty: Easy Preperation time: 90′ Servings: 6 Calories: […]


Crispy and juicy Greek King Oyster Mushrooms in the oven with colorful vegetables! Tasty twist the addition of strawberry! Difficulty: Easy Preperation time: 25′ Servings: 4 Vegan choice INGREDIENTS King Oyster Mushrooms • 1 package King Oyster mushrooms • 4 tbsp. olive oil • 2 tbsp. vinegar • Salt and pepper For the sauteed vegetables […]


The vegan version of scallops with Greek King Oyster Mushrooms! Difficulty: Medium Preperation time: 40′ Servings: 4 Vegan choice INGREDIENTS Vegan Scallops • 4 big greek King Oyster Mushrooms • 3 tbsp. olive oil For the vegan Scallops broth • 5 cups of water • 3 tbsp. soy sauce • 1 vegetable cube • 1 […]

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