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We waited 5 whole months to share it with you…We are especially excited to introduce you to our Greek King Oyster Mushrooms! Mushrooms’ Art We are an urban mushroom farm in Nea Redestos in Thessaloniki that cultivate premium quality mushrooms with passion and art. We ensure the top quality of our mushrooms as: ∴ We […]


Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, it’s worth adding King Oyster mushrooms to your diet! ◊ Nutrients King Oyster Mushroom is an excellent source of vegetable protein (3g per 100g of mushrooms), which competes in quality with animal proteins, but without the toxins & fats! In addition, it contains generous amounts of nutrients, such as […]


If you love mushrooms, you will love King Oysters! King Oyster mushrooms by… Mushrooms’ Αrt Pleurotus eryngii aka King Oyster Mushrooms are different from other – more commercial – pleurotus mushrooms. The top mushrooms of the Pleurotus family live up to their name: ∴ higher, umami* taste ∴ tender flesh & rich texture ∴ strong […]

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