King Oyster mushrooms: what they offer to our health

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, it’s worth adding King Oyster mushrooms to your diet!

◊ Nutrients
King Oyster Mushroom is an excellent source of vegetable protein (3g per 100g of mushrooms), which competes in quality with animal proteins, but without the toxins & fats! In addition, it contains generous amounts of nutrients, such as vitamins (A, C, D, E), carbohydrates and fiber (1g per 100g of mushrooms). Also, they are rich in minerals & trace elements and low in calories (22kcal per 100g of mushrooms).

Super info! King Oyster Mushrooms are an excellent non-animal source of vitamin D. In addition, research shows that exposing them to UV light before harvesting increases the amount of the vitamin (sometimes up to 50%).

◊ Antioxidant effect
The antioxidant effect of King Oyster Mushrooms is due to the polyphenols as well as the selenium and vitamins A, E, C they contain. Among other things, they contain the amino acid ergothioneine which is characterized by anti-cancer properties.

◊ Lower cholesterol and sugar levels
King Oyster Mushrooms contain statins, more specifically lovastatin, which lowers cholesterol in the blood. It also regulates insulin levels, according to research by Richard Sullivan.

◊ Immune enhancement
The high content of King Oyster Mushrooms in β-glucans contributes to the body’s defense. Their consumption increases the production of interferon & reduces the growth of neoplasms, as proven by recent studies.

◊ Improving gastrointestinal health
Eating King Oyster Mushrooms, thanks to the polysaccharides they contain, increases the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) of the gut by producing beneficial metabolites. More specifically, mushroom polysaccharides have been shown to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut as they are the only polysaccharides that are not broken down by stomach acid.

We choose the Greek King Oyster Mushrooms…for their rich nutrients as well!

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